Time spent with the Dunking Devils is always an experience filled with passion, adrenaline, fun, excitement and inspiration!


Dunking Devils are pushing the limits of what is possible in acrobatic basketball. Their motto is: "There's one true direction. Up!"


Dunking Devils are more than a team, for many they are a second family. They are bound by friendship, trust and honesty.

First half of 2015 - top photos

In last six months we\'ve gathered a lot of material, but this collection is the most outstanding. Photos taken in England, Germany, Austria and Slovenia.

Circus Tour Vertigo

In January 2015 Dunking Devils have performed 34 times in 23 cities across Germany. Not only is it a great privilege to perform side by side with over 60 top artists/sportsmen, but it is also a unique experience for the team. The entire show is a well known yearly German spectacle.

Basketball World Cup 2014

Not only did two teams of Dunking Devils bring the world cup atmosphere to another level on court and in the fan zones, but they also had a really fun and exciting tour across Spain !