Dunking in a Nightclub

They¬†are conquering new grounds – this time it’s dancefloors of Germany!

Acrodunking Competition

Dunking Devils are actively spreading the word about this sport as well as encouraging teams to progress. A great way to do that and to connect teams are competitions.

Do What You Love

This team’s core belief is “Do what you love”. If a picture says a thousand words, this video says it all!

Showreel 2015

Compilation that takes you into the thrilling experience of our sport. Slam dunking with passion, team spirit and endless fun!

Amazing Dunks on Extreme Heights

Amazing slam dunk video at epic locations across Slovenia – a pier near Izola, a castle in Celje and ridge under Mangart in Julian Alps at 2000m altitude.

On Tour – Eurobasket 2015

Tours across the world are a lot more than just performing – we have a lot of fun on the stage as well as in the free time. This time in Berlin :)

Dunk Circus

Amazing and one of a kind acrobatic slam dunk show by the Dunking Devils! Its a crazy mix of comedy, audience interaction and unbelievable dunk skills!

Spicing Up Gala Events

Gala events are never boring with Devils to shake them up a bit, lift spirits and make the audience’s heart skip a beat!

Best of 2014

Best Basketball Freestyle Dunks from Athens, London and Ljubljana.

LED Slam Dunk Show

World first Acrobatic Dunk LED Show in complete darkness with glowing basketballs and special effects! Watch now and enjoy this epic show!

Dunking in Ljubljana

Performance in our capital’s old centre, that was done during Eurobasket in Slovenia.

Epic Quadruple Rider Dunk Session

Epic Dunk Sessions is a series of unique, most difficult slam dunk tricks or themed sessions, presenting team members and our repertoire of acrobatic basketball moves.