Great picture from the Dunking Devils acrobatic basketball show. Our acrobatic basketball show is perfectly suited for basketball games and tournaments. We will spice up the happening at your games with spectacular pre-game, quarter brake and half-time shows. Using our deep understanding of basketball events we can also completely cover your on court animation needs including mascots, dancers, and sling shots animation teams. Our personal approach is going to make sure the fans will leave the arena with a smile on their faces. 

Top references: FIBA Americas Pre-olympic tournament, Multiple Allstar games, Full on court animation at all Union Olimpija's Euroleague home games

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Flying over a large crowd at Dunking Devils acrobatic basketball dunk show.Are you looking for a way to spice up your event? Our acrobatic basketball show program is full of acrobatic action and breathtaking dunks that will do the job. Hire our services to experience crazy dunks over the crowd, interactive games and funny sketches combined with our own announcer. To top it of we will also teach audience members to dunk with our trampolines! All you need to provide is a performance space. We will bring all our gear including the basketball goal with us.

Top references: German national youth soccer tournament, Rugby match at Stade de France, Annual sports awards in Hamme

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Photo from acrobatic basketball show in Argentina.TV shows, gala dinners and coorporate events are not a place where one usually expects an acrobatic basketball show and high flying acrobatic slam dunks. Let us change this and turn it into an opportunity. We have the knowledge, skills and experience to bring our spectacular acrobatic basketball show to your stage and surprise your audience. Using costumes, special effects and lighting we will taylor the show to your specific needs and expectations. 

Top references: Slovenia's got Talent Finals, Le plus grand cabaret du monde, Maltese sport awards, Cisco technology fair   

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Unbelievable crazy dunk show photo by Dunking Devils at a got Talent show.We understand that stage shows require more than just slam dunks to be a success. With this in mind we have developed an acrobatic basketball show that places our acrobatic slam dunking into a theatric storyline. The show features rich costumography and is finely choreographed to music. By working with cabaret show dancers and other artists we make this acrobatic basketball show even more exciting and attractive. 

Top references: 3 months of shows in Gardaland amusement park, 50 shows in Ancol amusement park in Jakarta, 3 week stage show tour in Colombia

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Dunking Devils acrobatic basketball player at commercial shoot.To keep your brand one step ahead you always have to be on the lookout for something new. Our unique stunts, acts and moves will give your company the edge over your competitors. We provide a professional approach and flexibility. Working closely with you we will customize our show to best represent your brand and your values. When it comes to commercial shoots our knowledge of what looks good on camera will bring the desired results.


Top references: Commercial shoots for Samsung and Sony Ericsson, brand promotion for Varta, "flying counts" commercial for Nike

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