Our dunk team is based around a group of friends believing that hard work, dedication and a positive attitude will make dreams come true. We believe a performer can truly shine on stage only if he believes in himself, trust in his team and loves what he does. After 10 years of performing around the globe being on stage with the Dunking Devils dunk team members is still the most unbelievable feeling! Knowing how important this is we work with younger generations inspiring and motivating them while encouraging them to inspire others.

In order to be truly confident on stage we constantly improve our skills as athletes always finding new ways of amazing and inspiring the crowd. By pushing the limits of what is possible we have become trend setters in acrobatic basketball. 

As role models we want to set an example not only in sports but also in education. We have all finished or are actively pursuing degrees at the University of Ljubljana. Therefore Dunking Devils dunk team members are not only elite athletes but also responsible and well educated individuals.  Wherever we go we try to leave a good impression and a feeling of belonging to something because we never represent ourselves, but rather that, what we all are together. 
A team.


Our acrobatic dunking story began at a high school in Ljubljana, Slovenia. For three years we competed with other high school teams in our country getting to know the basics of our sport. As students at the university of Ljubljana we formed our first dunk team struggling to get better. We performed a few small shows here and there and used our scholarships to pay the gym rent. It was a tough road to walk on. There was little else but our love for the sport and belief we can make our dreams come true that kept us going.  
We never stopped training hard, learning new tricks and welcoming new eager members with a positive mindset from all over the country to our team. Three more years pased before a few of our videos we posted online went viral and stared to get large exposure online with thousands of views per day. People noticed our skills and the energy we bring to the stage and we started to perform at larger events.

Watch the playlist below and through video follow our team's evolution through the past years.
Since those early days a lot has changed but we have never forgotten our roots. It is a privilege we are now able to travel around the world amazing and inspiring people of different nationalities. We feel it is our obligation to constantly improve ourselves and our team so we can make every show a special and unforgettable experience for the audience.


Our team is based in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, a country that lies in the heart of Europe and is a part of the European Union. This small green country is home to sincere, hospitable and hard working people of great diligence. It has an exceptional number of top athletes, and a wealth of cultural creativity. The national currency is the Euro.

Read more about our beautiful country at http://www.slovenia.info or watch a video about slovenian businesses and inovation below.