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james from dunking-devils




Nic Alexander from Trinidad & Tobago


Hi I’m interested in having your group come to Trinidad & Tobago to perform. Can you send me a detailed proposal for 3 shows. I think your team would inspire a lot of the youth in Trinidad & Tobago. Thanks in advance.


zatrel from ventura,california


i am good at alot of stuff


Nikola from dunking-devils


Hi guys! Do you have a great show. I would like to discuss your visit to Russia.


عبدالرحمن امين from egypt


تدريب سله كل اسبوع وتدريب امريكي


Ryan from America


I love watching you guys do all those tricks! I always watch them online. You guys are beast! I Wish i could meet you! You guys are #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Marko Knafelc from Slovenia


Hello guys. I am a member of Dunking Devils group and would just like to say that it makes me happy to see you guys have such a good opinion of our show and that you support us in what we do. It is always nice to read your comments and to see that we have fans from all over the world. I hope someday we will perform in your area and you will have a chance to see our show. It will be a chanche for us to meet you all in person. I would just like to add that it is a privilege to be a part of the Dunking Devils! :)


Dunking Devils from Slovenia


Denis the song name is N.E.R.D Rockstar.

Here is the link:


Denis from Slovenia


as the name of the song from this video Croatian Allstar Crazy Dunk Show Videos?


Edwin Atienza from Slovenia


Hi guys, I accidentally stumbled upon your very crazy, entertaining and exciting dunks and man was it a treat.  I just wish you guys could visit the Philippines because basketball it the main sports here and Filipinos will go nuts over you guys that’s for sure.  Can I request that if ever you guys will come to the Philippines could you email me so I can bring along my family to watch you guys in live action, myn eldest will surely idolize you.  Thanks and always be safe in your acts.


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